Technical Information


Venue Management are to approve all rigging arrangements.

Riggers arranged by the venue (minimum three per boom lift).

Roof trusses with a load bearing capacity of 15 tonne each run across the building at 8.2 metre intervals. Eight trusses in total. Maximum single load of 6 tonne. All rigging from roof trusses must be at node points. Bridles up to 1 tonne from roof trusses must be attached to top chord node points only.

Six light frame beams are attached to lower cords of main trusses with a load capacity of 4.5 tonne each. Light frame beams three each side of centre, extend from above the stage area to past the centre of the venue. Light frame beams are spaced 4 metres apart. Light frame beams can be used for bridles.

The height to the underside of the roof trusses over the stage area is a minimum 14 metres and a maximum of 15.5 metres.

Note: Access to roof for rigging is via a hired 60ft boom lift.


Sico Fold n Set modular stage.
115 decks, 8ft x 4ft and 36 frames with a height from 4ft to 6ft 4 inch with 4 inch increments.
10 frames 8ft x 4ft with heights from 2.5ft to 4ft with 4 inch increments.
Four sets of stairs and handrails are available.
14 custom decks, 2.4 metres x 1.2 metres with heights of 300mm, 600mm or 900mm.

A custom crowd control barrier with full length step is available.

Numerous house curtains 9 metres x 12 metres for venue dressing, venue modes and draping.

Sound System

A custom made centre hung cluster of JBL speakers is driven by Crown amplifiers with EQ and crossovers. Main system also has 2 radio microphones, tuner and CD player.

Yamaha 16 channel mixer with speakers is also available for smaller functions or events. Auxiliary system has CD player and 1 radio microphone.


16 900W Mega LED sports floods, asymmetrical glass free
115W LED dimable glass free high bays
120W LED asymmetrical sports floods glass free
4 x robert juliat Arais HMI 2500 followspots.
Followspot boxes located above rear seats in a custom made enclosure for end stage concert events
Followspot operators are arranged by the venue.


Two show power distribution boards located on the rear wall one each side of stage. Each board is supplied with 2 x 400amp, 415volt 3 phase @ 50hz (three phases, neutral and earth). 2 x 400amp with powerlock on both sides.

31 in floor service pits – each providing a 20amp single phase supply to four double 10amp GPO’s and Wilco 32amp three phase socket (three phases, neutral and earth).

Portable distribution boards available of varying capacity.

Total building supply metering available for peak kVa usages and energy consumption.

Support Facilities

Principal artist rooms – 2 including showers and wardrobe. Principal artist individual rooms – 2 including ensuite. Support artist rooms – 2 including ensuite. Production offices – 4 with 3 including ensuites. Green room – 1 seats up to 65 at one time.

Floor Dimensions

Main Arena Mode Width Length Exhibition mode 54.4m 79.3m at the widest point at the widest point Full concert with seats 37.8m 61.4m Full concert no floor seats 37.8m 69.3m Lyric concert mode 37.8. down to 34m

Loading Door Dimensions

Two 4.3m wide by 5.2m high loading doors allow Pantech truck access directly into the arena.

Floor Type & Vehicle Capacity

To suit Pantech T44.
Forklift capacity 2.5 tonne with 4.3m reach.
Uniform distributed load (UDL) of 750kg/sqm or 4.2 tonne per 2m x 4m area.
Concrete slab of concrete strength 45kPa.


Digital lines available through 31 in floor pits throughout arena.
9 digital lines available in backstage area.

Laundry Facilities

Laundry facilities are available on request.

Air Conditioning

A BMS controlled HVAC system supplies conditioned air to the auditorium, lobby and foyer areas. Fully controlled and monitored by Siebe BMS control system for optimal patron and artist comfort.

Fire Safety

A copy of the Newcastle Entertainment Centre Fire Safety Policy is available to each hirer.

A fire safety officer is on site for each Newcastle Entertainment Centre event to implement house policies and liaise with promoter and artist special effects.

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